Asda’s upbeat Christmas campaign showed the lengths people go to get into the festive spirit and used real-life examples from a customer poll.


Using their #BecauseItsChristmas hashtag, ASDA wanted to engage with their consumers and give them a reminder this Christmas to really go wild and asked noonah to help.

The world record attempt in the UK was taking place at four ToysRUs – Oldbury, Warrington, Brent Cross and Cardiff and we were asked to capture the fun for those taking part. DC and ToysRUs wanted to raise awareness and shares on social media about the “super” cool event to gain traction with more fans and raise awareness of the UK store activations to attract even more consumers to attend.


Customers were invited to step inside The Lodge, where they were greeted with a warm, food-filled and fun experience. The Lodge was built as if it were in the snowy mountains of a European ski resort. The installation features vintage skis, sledges, Christmas trees and twinkling lights. Maximising the Christmas feeling inside one building was certainly in impressive feat.

With fancy props and the chance to dress up in silly Christmas themed props and jumpers from the Fairisle range at George by ASDA.

Shoppers were encouraged to take snaps of their fun-filled festive experience and tag them with #BecauseItsChristmas on Twitter or Instagram.

noonah’s Hashtag Printer searches insta and twitter for any images tagged with the event hashtag #BecauseItsChristmas and automatically prints them with Asda branding on them. Shoppers received amazing prints in their George outfits as a great keepsake from the event.


We popped the prints into fully branded wallets to keep them safe, and to ensure customers remembered to prepare for Christmas with ASDA. The consumer experience was a huge crowd stopper and generated a large footfall of people through the Lodge itself.

The hashtag accumulated over 1600 photos throughout the roadshow creating a massive social media footprint. The event was a huge success and got us in the mood for Christmas!


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