Augmented Reality

Transform how consumers interact with your brand by pushing digital boundaries.

augmented reality

We have developed a brand new “snapchat” style booth which augments full 3D props onto the user… perfect for creating awesome social content that people love to share!

We digitally transform your guest with branded or themed animations and props – imagine having a Pirates Hat for Captain Morgan activation or even Mickey Mouse ears for Disney!

It’s an innovative way to let consumers interact with your products and brands in a digital realm.

User Experience

Our software automatically detects consumers as they view themselves.

How It Works

The user sees themselves in the live view our software automatically detects and recognises their face to add the virtual props – instantly!

The on-screen props react to user movement, following and scaling as they move. We can also make the props react to actions such as opening your mouth to trigger a cool filter or animation on guests.

Brand Engagement

Add personalised branded overlays, animations and music to immerse guests in the experience

Users love to share this content with their friends and family on social, by maximising the branding within the AR experience, we are also maximising brand exposure on social.

Capture photos, GIFs or Videos

Let us know what kind of content you want to create for your brand experience.

Videos, GIFs and photos are processed instantly within the software ready for sharing straight to social media.

Augmented Reality Experience Ideas

There are so many ways our augmented reality can be used to create exciting brand experiences!

Trying on different make-up colours digitally!

Morphing you into a celebrity or character

Adding thought or speech bubbles to users

Adding your face to another image – ever seen yourself on a Starbucks cup?

Decide on your booth

Add a booth to your package by selecting one of noonah’s huge range of photo booth options from open air, enclosed, and even selfie mirrors.

Or we can build a booth custom for your event