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Camera Array

Sometimes a photo just doesn’t do a moment justice – that’s why we created Camera Array.

We use multiple cameras to catch high definition images which are then stitched together to create an immersive 3D world.

Quick and simple, the consumer strikes a pose in front of the cameras and their experience is captured as an incredible frozen moment.

Combine that with custom props and overlays, and boom – you have a piece of quirky, branded content that guests want to share instantly to social media.

Completely customisable, you can shape the consumers entire interaction with your brand. Give your consumers something they’ll never forget with the Camera Array.

User Experience

Consumers pose for their camera array shoot

five cam

This compact rig is the baby of the camera array family and still packs a huge punch. With 5 DSLR cameras the result is a top quality 3D gif!

The five cam has a small footprint and can be positioned to operate in almost any venue.

With room for branding on both sides of the five cam you can choose to supplement with branded backdrops and more….


footprint: 1.5m x 2.3m
power: 13amp power

Asynchronous Triggers

Create movement in the camera array shot by delaying each camera by milliseconds.

An asynchronous camera array creates a super slow-mo 3D video, capture users as they flick their hair or show off their dance moves.

Synchronous Triggers

Capture a single frozen moment to immortalise users at your event.

Stop time to capture the perfect 3D snap that users want to share to social

Digital Effects

Add digital effects and animations to camera array videos

Add branding or event messaging to maximise your brand exposure and create epic outputs!

Physical Effects

Use effects like wind machines and confetti to create depth in a 3D camera array.

Users interact with the effects creating a fun experience and generating a unique output.

Branded Camera Array

Add your branding or event messaging to the Camera Array rig.

Not only will this maximise your branding, it will also draw eyes at the event and encourage users to interact with your brand.