Give consumers a “flipping” amazing brand experience


Forget giving consumers a photo to take away from an event, with Flipbooks they take away a video from the brand experience.

With our Flipbook system consumers record a seven second video which we transfer into 40 still images and print and bind them into a compact, branded flipbook.

We can also provide a digital copy of the video which branding added to be shared live at the event with friends and followers.

Consumers love flipbooks as it gives them a tangiable, unique, branded take from the brand experience which they can continue to engage with post event.

User Experience

Consumers record a seven second video.


Flipbooks let you put a branded video in consumer’s hands.

They can be combined with any of our video capture technologies from the 360X to the Bullet Time.

The whole process takes about 2 minutes per user, meaning we can create over 200 Flipbooks in a typical day.

Flipbooks are fun and engaging, encouraging consumers to continue interacting with the brand post event.