Green Screen

Take your consumers anywhere, and let them meet anyone, with our green screen booth.

green screen

noonah’s green screen technology means that you can put your consumers wherever you want them to be. Want to give your consumers the chance to pose with your Celebrity Ambassador? Place people inside a product, or with your logo The green screen encourages consumers to interact with your brand, by giving them a unique photo they can share with fans and friends.

The clever tech inside the green screen removes the standard photo booth green screen and replaces it with a fun, personalised background image of your choice. We can theme the green screen background to suit your event branding. This provides guests with a totally customised photo experience that is personal both to them and your brand.

User Experience

Consumers enter your branded booth

green screen booth

When consumers enter a photo booth, they expect to take a photo. The green screen booth takes this to the next level, putting your consumer wherever you choose.

The exterior of the booth can be fully wrapped with your event branding, immersing the consumer in the brand experience.

Your consumers are transported to a new realm with the green screen booth and your brand exposure is through the roof.

personalised background

You can craft the brand interaction you want your consumers to experience with personalised backgrounds.

There is no limit to where you can place your consumers – inside a product, with a celebrity ambassador, or with your logo. They are completely personalised to your brand and your event, giving consumers a unique experience.

moving overlays

Add an overlay to consumers green screen image, putting your branding in the foreground of their photos.

A moving overlay is super eye-catching on social media, and when the consumer shares it with their friends and fans, your brand reach will rocket!

video green screen

Video Green Screen provides even greater moving content. Place consumers inside a movie clip or trailer. Make guests the hero of the event.

Videos carry more traction and people viewing those videos will stop and watch them for longer than still images.

set build

Noonah can help to immerse consumers in your augmented reality experience with an amazing set build. As well as giving guests the chance to interact with your brand or products in a digital realm, an authentic set build lets them interact in a real world scenario.

Consumers will be so immersed in your experience that they have to share to social!

GIFs, boomerangs and more

Give your consumers more than just a print keepsake with the boomerang and GIF feature on the green screen booths.

After the camera captures multiple images of them, the software then links these images together and creates a cool GIF or boomerang video which can then be shared to social.

background selection

Give guests the option to customise their photo experience in the green screen booth by letting them select the background to their snaps.

We can design several different backgrounds to fit your brand event, and allowing consumers to select their own background creates a much more engaging experience for consumers, and helps to build a relationship between them and your brand.

smart placement

Take green screen to a whole new level with our new Smart Placement Technology that automatically places the guest in the correct location so they can link arms with the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz or ride alongside Batman in the Batmobile.

Once your set-ups are created, noonah provides full control over the keying threshold/color, contrast/saturation, placement/size and can choose from a wide range of customizable photo filters for a final touch.