Instagram Printing

Instagram Printing

drive your event hashtag by putting a photo booth in everyone’s pocket

Instagram Printing

Make everyone at your event a content creator.

Engage with guests and give them a reason to share your hashtag on social media.

Your entire event can be captured through user-generated content, and shared to consumers’ family and friends, increasing your brand’s organic social media shares.

  • easy-to-track social media metrics
  • track the ROI of the event
  • you know how your event and campaign are performing on social media.

Everyone is a winner with the instagram printing hashtag service – you get social media exposure and metrics, and your guests get an incredible print of their unforgettable experience at your event!

Instagram Printing Wall

Show off the awesome pics that consumers have taken on #Hashtag wall.

A slideshow of all the hashtagged selfies appear on the wall.

drive event hashtag

increase your brand’s exposure by incentivising consumers to add your hashtag to their post by giving them a branded print of their selfie

branded prints

add your brand and messaging to the foreground of every selfie which is printed

branded stations

add your branding, hashtags and calls to action to the stations

branded ux

customise the user experience to your brand with our templated UX