Photo Booths

customisable, fun and engaging

photo booths

noonah’s photo booths easily upgrade any event. With so many booths to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your event.

100% customisable, you choose the branding, props, and filters that your guests will interact with.

Fun and simple to use – consumers love to take selfies and share them with their fans and friends, immortalising your event online and offline.

With years of experience in the industry, you can be sure that whatever noonah booth you choose for your event, it will make a huge impact with consumers.

User Experience

Consumers enter your branded booth


The original – If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. And this isn’t metal – she’s solid timber.

Consumers know photo booths, and this is the ultimate traditional photo booth.

Using the booth is simple and easy.

Add our wind machines and beauty filter for maximum impact.


footprint: 2.1 (w) x 1.5m (d) x 2.0m (h)

power: 13amp power

GIFs, boomerangs and

Give your consumers more than just a print keepsake with the boomerang and GIF feature on the photo booths.

Link images together to create a cool GIF or boomerang to share to social. Moving photos and GIFs are shared and re-shared more than still shots – and we can go even further with morphing, cinemagraphs and glitch!


People share and print photos where they look good.

Filters are fashionable(most millennials don’t post without them!) and we are taking the filter phenomenon into a controlled branded environment where you as the brand decide the nature of those filters aligned to your activation.


noonah knows how important it is to get Return on Investment. So we make sure that your brand reaches maximum exposure with external branding the the booth, backdrop and user experience.

All of our photo booths can provide branded shares and high quality branded prints for guests to take away. Let your consumers hang their keepsake prints at home, and everytime they see the photo, they will remember their fun with friends at your event.


Recording a video puts a twist on the photo booth experience. Let consumers record messages to loved ones or tell us about their work and then share it to themselves or friends.

Record them telling secrets, or talking about past experiences. We’ve run video booths for Wilkinson Sword, eBay, Martini and more!


Activate the mirror by getting the selfie mirror system to trigger a wind machine on the final photo. Or a confetti machine at a moment of your choosing in the user experience.

Trigger photos to be capture as guests make noise with the decibel control!

Customised triggers and controls are developed in house quickly and effectively.

ID cards and text addition

Create identification cards, design your own product and hang it around your neck and customise it with your name and info!

Watch what we’ve done for the Co-operative, Call of Duty and Maybelline.


The green screen feature transports consumers from the branded photo booth to wherever you want them to be.

Using the green screen, let consumers pose with your celebrity ambassador, or capture them with your product on a huge scale

Check out our work for Doom, Clinique and the National Trust.

lip sync

Give consumers a mic and record them as they mime along to some top tune with the lyrics appearing on the screen. Capture their hottest air guitar stances and record all along their moves as they lip sync along.

These videos are always something special and guests won’t forget their interaction with your brand anytime soon!

photo wallets, coupons
and barcodes

We don’t stop with a traditional photo print – why would we when you can give the consumer even more.

Store their keepsake photo in a bespoke photo wallet to keep it safe and include more brand info, give them larger prints to be hung on the wall or include tear off coupons and barcodes to drive consumers into stores.