Selfie Mirrors

Mirror Me is a photobooth on steroids.

Consumers see their reflection, their pose, their pout – and your branded content.

selfie mirrors

Dazzle consumers with this stylish and practical innovation in photobooths. The latest in customisable event technology, the selfie mirror features a camera hidden behind a touch enabled mirror, allowing the consumer to see themselves as they take show-stopping branded selfies.

Consumers are always ready to shine in front of the mirror as they see their reflection. A customised user experience guides them through the process – magically.

This unforgettable experience of genuine fun and amazement will never be forgotten – especially as we give everyone a branded print-out and make it easy for them to share the content to social with their friends!

User Experience

Consumers see their reflection in the mirror

mirror me

The classic, you will always wow with the Mirror Me. Comes with a gold ornate frame and will make your consumers feel a million dollars.

We can customise the mirror as much as you want – with personalised animations, stamps and filters, the sky’s the limit!

Brand exposure is maximised on the mirror and on the cool photos, boomerangs and videos consumers receive!


footprint: 0.93m(w) x 1.525m(h) x 0.60m(d)
power: 13amp power

new: beauty filter

People like to share photos when they look great. The beauty filter increases the chances of your branded images getting shared by consumers.

Smoothing wrinkles, removing blemishes and evening out skin tone, it’s like magic. Your guests will love it!

customised ux

We can customise the entire user experience to guide consumers through the user journey, ask them questions, play games, complete surveys and capture data. The selections of the selfie mirror user dictates and shapes the rest of the user experience which follows!

signature feature

Our impressive signature feature lets guest sign any of our selfie mirrors and add a personalised message and emoji to their photos.

The signature and emojis will then feature on all prints and shares.

The signature can be customised with neon effects, different colours and you can even add custom emojis – epic personalisation!


Activate the mirror by getting the selfie mirror system to trigger a wind machine on the final photo. Or a confetti machine at a moment of your choosing in the user experience.

Trigger photos to be capture as guests make noise with the decibel control!

Customised triggers and controls are developed in house quickly and effectively.

boomerangs and gifs

Give your consumers more than just a print keepsake with the boomerang and GIF feature on the mirrors.

After the camera captures multiple images of them, the software then links these image together to create a cool GIF or boomerang which can then be shared to social.

branded prints

After their photo shoot, guests receive their printed photos to take away. The prints are personally branded with guests’ custom messages, as well as your logo and themed graphics.

Guests can choose from a range of print sizes and orientations. Plus, you get to custom brand their photos before the event to create fully-branded giveaways. Prints can also include calls to action to redeem discounts with bar codes and visit microsites for sharing.


Make your consumers images look extra special with a beautiful backdrop. Straight, curved or 90 degrees, you choose what fits best.

Feature your logo more prominently on a step and repeat backdrop, or just add a little extra glam to the photos with a bespoke backdrop.