Ideas for your Christmas Party

Ideas for your Christmas Party

Virtual Photo Booth

At a Christmas Party guests love nothing more than stepping into a photo booth… and we can make your guests do this from the comfort of their own home.

Any device, anywhere…With no app to download our Christmas Virtual Photo Booth is a must for your Party.

  • Perfect for Virtual Event Platforms
  • Perfect for Zoom Christmas Parties
  • Perfect for Christmas Brand Campaigns

Putting the booth into the hands of the users instantly no matter where in the world they are.

Helping you retain normality during your Christmas celebrations!

Virtual Photo Mosaic

Uniting your Christmas audience online is easy when using our tried and tested Online & Interactive Mosaic platform.

You have a unique opportunity to connect with employees, customers, guests and fans whilst creating an amazing photo mosaic

Your Virtual Christmas Party

Create a memento for your WFH employees to be part of, increasing team spirit

The Virtual Mosaic can come in a range of sizes, from 500 to 30,000 tiles, the more the better!

Bringing Communities and Workforces together

Your guests become part of the bigger picture and they love to feel they are contributing to something which will be a future piece of art! The final mosaic can be a community logo or national theme example being the NHS rainbow.

Increasing Engagement with your brand by vouchers

Guests are automatically sent a voucher code via email which will then drive traffic to your website thus increasing sales.

Increase your company CSR

Make a donation for each upload to the digital mosaic making your community to be a part of your charitable campaign.

Design Your Own Mask

Guests can design their own Festive Face Mask (or any of our range of merch) using our software – with your branding on it!

From the comfort of their own home or office they choose a festive background image, add snowflakes or baubles then ‘Hey Presto’ we print it out including your logo!

Great brand exposure + perfect on trend merchandise

Expand your event loyalty through product personalisation

Other Christmas Merchandise that your guests can design…

Christmas Care Packs

Send a Care Pack to say thanks to WFH employees and get your guests in the mood for their Christmas Virtual Party.

Let your customers know you are thinking of them.

Let us handle it all and ship right to the doorstep of the receiver with a carefully curated care package tailored to your brand or event.

Your Virtual Christmas Party

Build excitement and anticipation pre event, get your guests in the festive spirit. Ideas include party hats, decorations, snacks and cocktail kits.

Work From Home Gifting

Include custom branded items such as Christmas Cards, Hand sanitiser, mince pies and personalised face masks.

Fully Customisable

Add a branded box to fit in with your event
Even add a QR code onto the box which will lead the recipient to a virtual photo booths or virtual mosaics

Christmas Games

License one of our huge range of games for your Christmas party

  • Add your branding to the game
  • Host within your event platform or send a link in zoom
  • Any device, anywhere
  • Incentivised play with instant win or competitions
  • Leaderboard feature to create continual engagement