Virtual Photo Booth

Image capture for your virtual guests

Virtual is the new normal. But have no fear you can still have a photo booth at your conference, activation or event with our cloud based virtual photo booth. Your guests and target audience can take part using their own device no matter where they may be in the world.

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What are the features of Virtual Photo Booth?

Any device, anywhere…

Phone, tablet or computer. With no app to download our cloud based photo booth works across all devices putting the booth into the hands of the users instantly no matter where in the world they are.

Virtual Backgrounds

With our virtual backgrounds we bring the backdrop to the users. No need for green screen either, our smart background removal technology automatically replaces the user’s background with yours.

Photo, Boomerang and GIF

Much more than just a photo op. Let users create compelling sharable content with custom GIFs and boomerangs. All with options for branding and custom overlays.


Encourage users to use the booth by offering rewards such as discounts and coupons via email when they take part. Or use our built in competition mechanic to give users the chance to win a prize as part of the experience.

Fully Branded

Make the booth your own. We can customise the user experience inline with your brand from the screens to the email and even the domain. Of course the images are also fully branded too. Our booth becomes your booth.

Data Collection & Results

Collect information from users via custom surveys and forms. Track how the booth has performed with our analytics. Measure Return on Investment from your Virtual Photo Booth and report back to stakeholders with data.