Alpen wanted to capture fans after their 5k colour Run, showing the advantage of starting their day with Alpen.


This year Alpen sponsored the 5k Colour Run, emphasising the benefits of being healthy and having fun. Alpen wanted to engage with consumers and encourage them to eat Alpen Granola for a healthy start to their day.

noonah was asked to provide engaging event tech to allow consumers to remember the event and create awareness of the new product line. Most importantly, the content had to be sharable.


360X captures fun at an event from every angle.

At the end of the Colour Run, runners could stand on the Alpen Granola branded 360X platform, and the camera would circle them, recording them in a slow-mo video as they were covered in powder paint!

The videos were immediately auto-edited with Alpen content and compressed to ensure that runners would be able to instantly share their cool videos from the branded sharing stations next to the 360X.

We used special cameras designed for production lines to ensure the cameras were not damaged from the powder.


It went crazy! Runners queued to have their video taken for more than 90 minutes!

With over 650 videos recorded across the Colour Run, consumers loved their moment in the spotlight, and headed straight over to the sharing stations to share their videos. The events were a great success, and we still find the paint in the corners of our warehouse!


BBC Olympic Tour

To raise awareness of local radio and wish the British Olympians well, the BBC asked noonah to run a photo booth which would follow the Olympic torch.

Monster Moto GP

Partnering with Monster to engage fans at the Catalunya Moto GP


We were asked to help deliver eBay’s lip sync campaign