Promoting Jaguar and the Ace Pace app across this brand experience


Jaguar wanted to create an experiential brand activation that would engage consumers and promote their partnership with Wimbledon and their Ace Pace app.

In addition to delivering a headline brand experience at Westfield London through the creation of a high footfall fan hub, Jaguar also wanted to create hype in the lead up to Wimbledon. They hosted two experiential events at Manchester and Oxford in the weekends leading up to Wimbledon.

Noonah partnered with the brand to deliver show stopping experiential tech to draw the crowds at these brand experiences.


At Manchester’s Trafford Centre and oxford’s Westgate, we brought out brand new nine cam to capture consumer’s frozen Wimbledon moment in 3D – check out a video here. Consumers posed against a branded backdrop to capture their bullet time GIF which was instantly processed, branded & ready for consumer’s to share.

The Westfield brand activation took place throughout the Wimbledon tournament. Guests were given the chance to try the latest Jaguars, sit in sun-loungers to watch tennis with a glass of Pimms, & capture their tennis swings on our 360X – check out an example here.

Guests entered a Centre Court branded 360 enclosure, were given a tennis racket and started working on their swing. Our camera captured their pro swings in 360 degrees, immediately processing their videos, adding branding and sending them straight to our sharing stations.


This experiential brand activation was hugely successful across all three locations. Over 1,500 videos and photos were captured and shared, and with a 74% open rate on these shares, clearly consumers couldn’t wait to send their Jaguar Wimbledon capture with their friends and followers.

Consumer engagement was super high, with the chance to capture images, win prizes when they download the Ace Pace app, watch tennis with a cool glass of Pimms and experience the latest in Jaguar models.

We have loved being able to make these brand experiences even more experiential with our latest photo tech.

Videos and Photos


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