Creating an exciting brand experience in 360 degrees


Royal London are the official sponsors of one-day Cricket events in England and Wales. This year, across nine major matches with Fuse agency, they wanted an innovative and engaging experiential activity that would encourage users to share content. Users who took part would also be able to enter a competition to win some great cricket goodies.

We got to work creating a unique experience that guests wouldn’t be able to resist.


Noonah’s 360X is one of our newest experiential innovations which the teams at Royal London and Fuse loved. We wrapped the 360X in Royal London branding and stationed it inside a giant Royal London Marquee – guests at the events couldn’t miss it! We worked alongside Fuse and Royal London every step of the way, handling the production, space, internet, stand, branding, staff and designs.

Fans at the events were given fun Royal London props then struck their poses on the 360X platform as the camera rotated around them capturing all the fun. Branding was added instantly to the videos, fans entered their email and received an email sending them to a branded microsite.  All the mechanics of the sharing and software were managed by us and ensured a GDPR compliant sharing process.  Guests used the microsite use to share their videos to social and Royal London would be able to track the activity to monitor their ROI.


The experiential event was massively successful across all nine events with over 1000 videos recorded. 544 fans at the event sent these videos to themselves to share with their families and friends across social. We had so much fun with this activation and it was brilliant growing the concept with Royal London and Fuse and being able to deliver such an engaging experience to fans.

Royal London loved the activation and are excited to get going again next year with Noonah.

Shares to Social
GDPR Approved Emails Collected
Total Reach

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