The Body Shop engaged with staff at an internal brand experience with the 360X


The Body shop wanted to inspire and motivate staff at their internal forum through the story of Shea Butter.

Through their support of the shea industry, they empower women and fund community projects around the world.

Noonah was asked to provide experiential tech for the event to promote this work, inspire their staff and capture memories.


Our 360X captures videos, GIFs and boomerangs from every angle. For this event, we customised the system to record a 180-degree boomerang – perfect for sharing.

A colourful backdrop with “shea” balloons was used as a backdrop for the immersive 180 boomerang.

The video was instantly processed, The Body Shop branding was added and delegates could share their videos with their friends and followers on social media from our sharing station.

What The Body Shop Got!

The 180-degree boomerangs were super popular at the event, with delegates queuing to record their branded content.

The videos and messages carried the Shea Butter branding, reinforcing the brand message as delegates watched their videos during the evening and in the office days after the event.

Body Shop said, “We loved how the inspiring message resonated for the days and weeks afterwards as the team watched and rewatched their videos of the evening”

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