Giving golf fans a fun photo capture and engaging with PPG


PPG are main sponsor for the Omega European Masters, one of the most prestigious golf competitions played on European soil. PPG are the world leading supplier of paints and coatings: they coat some of the worlds biggest brands from Coke cans to aeroplanes. Their connection to golf, and motivation behind the sponsorship of the tournament, is down to their work in coating golf balls.

PPG asked us to help them get golf fans to understand the connection between PPG and golf. They wanted something fun and engaging and wanted more sophisticated fans to share it to social media because they enjoyed the experience so much.


This was a challenging brief for noonah, but we were excited to get to work. Our 360X is our new, unique and engaging piece of tech. Incorporating it into a golfing event took a bit more creativity from our design team as you can see here.

Guests at the event were invited to stand on the 360X platform and take their best swing, this was recorded in full 360 degrees and then converted into a slow motion. The video of the golf swing is then sent to the sharing station and to the ‘ask the expert’ touch screens for a live Golf Pro Expert Analysis, and then consumers were given the chance to retry their swing.

Whilst fans were queuing and enjoying their swing and analysis, video screens were running showing PPG’s coating technology.


360X was the hit of the event! Many fans had more than one attempt before sharing. Fans were eager to show off their improved swings to their followers and friends via email, SMS and facebook.

PPG were so happy noonah has been retained for the 2018 event later this year.


The Gadget Show – Digital Graffiti Wall

In the episode each presenter is given a room of a country house to cram with tech, before they mark one another’s efforts and crown a winner. Ortis Deley has selected Noonah’s Digital Graffiti Wall as the main event at his Games evening.


To promote their VIP black Card event, Matalan wanted to give their consumers a unique dressing room experience

BBC Olympic Tour

To raise awareness of local radio and wish the British Olympians well, the BBC asked noonah to run a photo booth which would follow the Olympic torch.