noonah was asked to help deliver a brand awareness campaign with National Trust


The National Trust Wales commissioned a survey which was supported by a Cardiff University Researcher. The survey aimed to uncover how people spent time online versus the real world. The results of the survey showed that a huge population of Wales was massively missing out on sensory and visual experiences outdoors!

National Trust Wales wanted people to engage with the charity and experience more of what Wales had to offer and so created the #TimeToGetReal campaign.

Heading to St. David’s Shopping Centre in Cardiff for the day, National Trust Wales asked for noonah’s help to encourage digitally focussed consumers to get involved.


Augmented Reality Booth augments digital props onto a live feed of people: bringing the digital and real together.

National Trust provided us with photos of some of their top sites in Wales, so we could transport guests straight into the landscape using our “green screen without a green screen” feature.

The Augmented Reality Tower was wrapped in National Trust branding with calls to action.

Consumers could use their gestures to operate the system – without touching anything! Shoppers could auto trigger a photo capture of themselves in the National Trust landscape shot and then received a fully branded print out to take home to remember the experience (and encourage them to visit one of the National Trust spots!)


Consumers were able to share their photo to Twitter with the hashtag #TimeToGetReal so National Trust could then randomly select a winner to win an annual National Trust pass

The client was extremely happy with how we took the brief and merged the digital with the real! The interactive and immersive experience worked well and the uptake on a Thursday afternoon at the Shopping Centre was much higher than in their previous campaigns.

National Trust’s aim to raise the profile of their existing portfolio and encourage shoppers to get outside and experience simple pleasures of Wales was a huge success!

Noonah has been retained to deliver further events for National Trust.


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