A|X Armani Exchange wanted to engage consumers and let them create their own t-shirt designs in line with their graffiti theme.

the brief

A|X Armani Exchange is a leading fashion brand in creating clothing inspired by street-chic culture and dance music. They launched a global campaign with the hashtag #st_ART celebrating street art and incorporating it into their clothing designs.

We were asked to help with this campaign and assist in creating an experience for their consumers that was engaging, and that would increase their brand exposure on social media.

the solution

Our Graffiti Wall creates an authentic graffiti experience, in line with the street vibe that A|X Armani Exchange wanted to communicate with consumers for this campaign. We ran Digital Graffiti walls across the globe, in locations such as Milan, Hollywood, London and Miami.

The Digital Graffiti wall was enclosed in a fully branded shell, increasing brand exposure. The actual canvas which could be interacted with also contained the branding and hashtag #st_ART as an overlay, which could not be drawn over or edited. This built engagement between the consumer and the brand, as they were enjoying the creative experience.

A|X Armani Exchange allowed both graffiti artists and consumers to use the creative wall, creating their own personalised designs.


The masterpieces created on the wall could be printed with branding in the foreground and the consumer could take it away as a memento of their experience.

The artwork was also optimised for sharing to email, Facebook and Twitter, allowing consumers to show off their amazing designs whilst also sharing the brands hashtags and increasing the social media footprint of A|X Armani Exchange.

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