Creating branded keepsakes for the final season of Game of Thrones

the brief

At Soho Farmhouse, Sky asked noonah to create an immersive photo capture for guests to celebrate the final season of Game of Thrones.

Noonah built on our previous work with Sky and Game of Thrones to deliver an immersive photography experience that guests wouldn’t forget!

the solution

Guests were given a chance to take a seat on the Iron Throne of Westeros and try their hand at playing the game of thrones.
We focused on the throne itself and kept the branding simple, allowing guests to become fully immersed in their time on the iconic Iron Throne. The emphasis was placed on capturing high-quality, professional shots for guests to take away as a momento of their moment of glory as ruler of Westeros.

the results

Guests incredible shots were instantly processed, branding was added, and the photo was printed, giving guests an instant take-away, creating a meaningful memento which would keep Sky and Game of Thrones in the front of consumers minds.

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