Three decades after Aardman Animations released their first Wallace and Gromit adventure, their new blockbuster Early Man is the newest box office hit!


The British stop-motion animated film is directed by Nick Park and stars the voices of Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston, Maisie Williams and Timothy Spall, and set in the Stone Age.

Our client asked us to create a “digital cave” experience for the release of the film, allowing guests to create their very own digital cave art!


Our awesome Digital Graffiti Wall gives guests the chance to create awesome artwork, without any of the mess or fumes. The experience can be completely customised, from brush width to colour of the spray. For the Early Man activation, guests were asked to create caveman drawings of their own.

Usually, guests receive a spray can to create their artwork. Our development team really delivered, by 3D printing an Early Man Stick, in which the Graffiti Wall technology was integrated. This allowed guests to create artwork using sticks – just like our ancestors!

We created cool stamps of the main characters and some images from the movie, so the guests could really immerse themselves in the Early Man experience.


We designed a bespoke branded enclosure, creating a caveman themed structure to fit around our Digital Graffiti Wall. This allowed us to create a cave-like experience with a cut out front to the enclosure, and put the Early Man branding in a prominent position so all the shoppers at Westfield were reminded of the film.

Users received a branded print out of their amazing artwork to take home with them, and they could email themselves a digital version of their masterpiece to share from their own devices.

In the first weekend, 172 pieces of artwork were created – WOW


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