Coca-Cola retains noonah in collaboration with MKTG to deliver more exciting brand experiences this year.

the brief

Coca-Cola wanted to promote their variety of new flavours at Festivals across the UK with a particular focus on sampling. MKTG approached noonah to create a photo experience which would engage customers, give them a branded keepsake in line with the flavours in return for sampling one of the new flavours (Vanilla, Cherry and Peach) – they had 1 million cans to giveaway!

This year, we were visiting Festivals that we hadn’t been able to make it to last year, making sure to meet as many music fans as possible.

the solution

Using the “taste the feeling” tagline, we wanted to immerse consumers in their chosen flavour as part of their photo experience.

Our photo booths were built into three themed shipping containers, each of which was branded to the specific flavour. Consumers could choose between Peach Beach, Vanilla Vibes and Cherry Pop and each photo booth was aligned with flavour in the user experience on screen and backdrops against which the photos were taken.


As each photo is printed the chosen flavour branding is automatically added to the print-out.

Fans keep that photos with their mates to stick on their fridge or their pinboard as a memento of their day.

Coca-Cola flavours remain front and centre in music fans minds for years to come as they reminisce about their festival experience with Coke.

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