Noonah x Hamleys

Providing unique content capture experiences at their new ‘Super Hamleys’ Nanjing store


Hamleys is known for creating the finest toys in the world. Consumers visit their stores for the experience of shopping there and to tell their friends about it.

Hamleys wanted to bottle up that experience capturing the essence of Hamleys in a photo that could only be taken in store. The image would let shoppers take a memento away from their visit.

Noonah was asked to develop photo tech that would be installed, which had to be on theme and help to generate revenue.


Noonah installed photo capture into a Toy Camera that shot against a huge green screen inside a giant picture frame.

Once the photo was taken, shoppers could choose where they wanted their photo to be set – from cityscapes to prehistoric scenes – the choice is theirs. Hamleys branding was then added to the final image before printing to oversized 9” x 6” prints inside custom photo wallets.

Alongside the Green Screen Toy Camera set up, Noonah’s selfie mirror with character based animations was installed for further image capture. The children’s animations of talking rabbits, elephants and fish were perfect for this install – letting children be entertained before the character prompted them for a photo.

All the photos were programmed to send to a single location where guests could use the Noonah kiosk system to select their image for printing to prints or keyings. We installed touch screens on the counter tops with swivel bases allowing shoppers to share their image to social media after their purchase.


Staff at the stores all received full training from our support team meaning they were comfortable working the tech and encouraging consumers to get involved.

By locking down our system so shoppers could only share the images after purchase of a print we ensured revenue was maximised.

The installs have been a huge success so far, with over 10,000 prints generated to date and Hamleys have retained Noonah for further installs in South Africa and New York.

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