Giving consumers a unique photo capture for the launch of their new product


To promote the launch of their new line of “full-blown shine” Chubby Stick products, Clinique visited different cities across the UK, giving consumers a unique brand experience. Hitting 8 cities from Glasgow to Brighton in just a few weeks, Clinique wanted a photographic capture at their event to generate GIFs which could then be shared to social media.

Wanting to create a truly immersive photographic experience for their consumers, Clinique stated in their brief that they wanted a green screen incorporated into their product launch.


Our GIF booth is the perfect solution to creating short, shareable GIFs. For these eight Clinique events we took the GIF booth to the next level, creating interactive, green screen GIFs.

The Clinique Chubby Stick booth which was touring had a built-in, angled green screen. Consumers were encouraged to pose before the green screen, using a pink ribbon which hung down. Using professional equipment, we captured consumer’s fantastic poses.

Our system edited the images, removing the green screen and replacing it with a exclusive clinique background. The digital background added a skyscape of the city we were in to images and attached balloons to the top of the ribbon, giving the impression that the consumer was floating away.


Following their photo capture in the booth, consumers received a fully designed, bespoke print out to take away from the event, which came complete with Clinique branding. As per the brief, we also generated sharable GIFs of the green screen photo which guests could immediately share to social (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) or email to themselves to publish later.

With over 800 prints taken away from the events, and 450+ shares, consumers received a “full-blown” experience with Clinique!


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