For their rebrand, Virgin media wanted to gather the opinion of it’s staff in a novel way

the brief

A successful company listens to the voice of its’ consumers and to the voice of its’ staff.

Virgin Media Business is no exception, and when they rebranded they wanted to ensure that their staffs’ opinions and ideas were heard.

They reached out to noonah and asked us to creative an interactive and creative experience that would encourage their staff to share their thoughts and help the company innovate successful.

the solution

We knew that Graffiti Wall in feedback mode was perfect for Virgin Media Business. The tech is super engaging, with guests getting to use real spray paint cans to interact with the wall –in a mess free way!

We proposed eight (yes 8!) Graffiti Walls running simultaneously at the various offices around the country.

The walls were used to provide feedback with predefined questions on the wall “what does Virgin mean to you?”

We added custom templates and stencils for the less artistic and a range of responses such as “change” and “dynamic” which could be resized to define their importance.

Graffiti Wall encouraged staff to think further about what the brand and the company meant to them.


All these images were printed, and a collage was created for each of the Virgin offices showing off the feedback.

The use of Graffiti Wall for internal promotion within Virgin grabbed attention. It proved to be a great tool to encourage employees at all levels to get involved and understand the company rebrand and for Virgin to gather the individual opinions of staff. Importantly it provided support for everyone to know how to articulate the mission, vision and values to external stakeholders.

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