Sky wanted to give consumers a unique experience to engage with Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones is a critically acclaimed, award winning tv show hosted on Sky Atlantic in the UK. With an average of 20 million people watching each episode, for the release of season six in the UK, Sky needed us to do something extraordinary before #WinterIsHere

Having worked with us previously, Sky knew exactly what noonah™ was capable of – delivering incredible photographic experiences. Sky asked us to create an unforgettable event for their guests, giving them the opportunity to get up close and personal with their favourite show.


Sitting on the iconic ‘Iron Throne’ is the ultimate aim for many of the characters within Game of Thrones. At this Game of Thrones event all guests were winners as noonah™ created a set-up which would let guests at the events to take their own seat on the coveted Westeros throne.

We allowed the ornate building and the sword-forged throne to do the talking and kept the branding simple, so the guests could become fully emerged in the unique photo experience. The focus for noonah™ was providing quality shots so the emphasis was placed on the lighting and the cameras.

Guests explored the impressive room, to really get into the role of a monarch of Westeros. Once they were seated on the famous ‘Iron Throne’, expert photographers made sure to capture the glory of the moment in high quality.


We knew that guests would want to share the quality photos of their amazing opportunity to sit on the ‘Iron Throne’ with their friends. We provided a social sharing station at the event meaning the Kings and Queens of the event could share to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SMS and Email. noonah™ knows how special this photo experience was to guests, so we also gave them a branded print of their time on the ‘Iron Throne’ to ensure the event was unforgettable.

Winter may be coming, but our camera was on fire with over 200 photos taken during the event. Sky loved the results, and the guests had a fantastic time!


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