Working with West Ham United FC to virtually place fans in the stadium during lockdown

West Ham Video Play


As the Premier League started back up during lockdown with no spectators allowed in the stadium, West Ham United wanted to bring their loyal fans into the terraces virtually.

West Ham United reached out to Noonah to see if we would help them to place their fans into the London Stadium, whilst tying in with their large branded prints they would be covering the seats with.


To bring the fans into the stadium, it was decided have the fans make up the famous Billy Bonds flag of the crossed irons by creating a giant photo mosaic of their user generated content.

This was achieved using our virtual photo mosaic service with users submitting their image via a custom online form on West Ham’s website.

Each submitted image was vetted to make sure it was suitable for image quality and also so that only West Ham fans appeared, and nothing off-brand.

West Ham Mosaic Upload Form


The upload form was live for just two days and over 6000 fans submitted photos thanks to a social media campaign and national radio mention.

With plans for just one mosaic to be created, we instead created two due to the overwhelming popularity. We had a narrow turn around time in order to get both the mosaics created and off to the printers in time for the first match.

Each mosaic measured just shy of 24.5m x 20m, with each photo being a 500mm x 500mm tile. Making these our largest ever mosaics produced in terms of printed size.

West Ham United and their fans loved the end result with it being proudly displayed for all to see on the live matches.

Photos Uploaded
Photos Used
Printed Mosaic

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