Virtual Event Ideas

How can I interact with a virtual audience?

Many businesses have made the leap to online events and virtual engagement. It can be challenging to continually find new and exciting ways to keep people engaged.

On top of that, it is critical to create activations that can live within or beyond a computer screen.

Noonah is here to help by sharing creative and unique experiences that can do just that!

Our Virtual Event Ideas can be run in real time for a conference or department meeting.

And they can be live for a longer campaign where people around the world can interact with your brand at a time and a place that’s convenient for them.

Working hard for our brands and clients is the norm here at Noonah and below you will find fantastic virtual products that will make your next online event one that your guests love and embrace.

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Conference Q&A

Receive testimonials with scripted questions where the video submissions are uniform and branding is auto applied. Use our secure management platform to trim video…
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Event Kits

Whether you’re planning a virtual event and want to send an engagement pack, want to say thanks to employees WFH, or let your customers know you are thinking of them.…
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