An ASICS brand experience for the London 10K


ASICS are this year’s title sponsor of the London 10K. For this, they hosted a brand activation in Trafalgar Square promoting their sponsorship and engaging with runners at the event to build brand relationships.

Noonah was asked to bring an experiential photo capture to the brand activation, creating a branded video that runners would want to share with their friends and followers following the race.


The most iconic time in any race is the moment you cross the finish line. We wanted to create a video capture that would immortalise this moment, adding ASICS branding to the video to increase brand exposure.

We set up a photo capture at the end of a branded running strip, our brand ambassadors guided runners and encouraged them to run along the running strip towards the finish line – our camera. Our system recorded their run, processing the video in slow-mo to create the cinematic across-the-finish-line moment for each runner.

These videos were instantly processed and branding was added, including an ASICS finish line ribbon. Runners could share videos of them crossing the finish line live at the event with their friends and followers from our branded sharing station.


The event was a hit at the London 10K with runners queuing to record their across-the-finish-line moment.

With an estimated 15,000 people reached through this brand activation, ASICS sponsorship of the London 10K was promoted, and their brand exposure was increased.

Runners took away branded videos from the event that would keep ASICS front of mind when they were looking for running gear for their next race!

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