McFlurry uses noonah to engage music fans across British festivals


Following the successful delivery of last year’s campaign, McDonalds retained noonah via Fuse to deliver more photo experiences across festivals throughout Britain.

McDonalds aim is to increase awareness of McFlurry with music lovers, and get people sharing McFlurry branded content whilst collecting GDPR consented data along the way. We would be touring six festivals across the country (Summer in the City, Leeds Fest, Fusion, BBC’s Biggest Weekend and BST, Hyde Park), giving consumers a chance to capture their fun at the festival in a frozen moment.


The #HelloGoodTimes tour was brought to life by Fuse and we collaborated to design and build a giant McFlurry cup to host our 15-camera bullet time array which would tour around the six festivals. The rigging, production and tech was supplied in a turn key system which we would build, run and dismantle at each event.

The Bullet Time captures 15 photos at the same time, and stitches these images together to create an immersive frozen moment gif – check out our bullet time.

Consumers could capture their time slice using the bullet time – showing us their greatest dance moves and festival outfits as the multicoloured confetti rained down around them. This year we added more data consent fields and to our sharing systems, so consumers could email or text their images to themselves – embedded in a custom-built #HelloGoodTimes microsite.


Once consumers shared their images, they were given a free McFlurry – great on a red-hot summer’s day, and more than enough incentive to encourage participation.
The client is delighted with the results so far with over 7,735 GIFs created and massive queues at each of the festivals. Engagement is super high, with the chance to capture images, win prizes and have their face painted in a McFlurry branded area.

We have been involved in the events from conception to analysis and enjoyed it every step of the way!


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