Ripley’s asked noonah to create more digital interaction

the brief

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium is a collection of weird and wonderful exhibits located in Piccadilly Circus in London.

Ripley’s wanted to re-invigorate their exhibition moving into new digital, immersive experiences.

After seeing noonah’s tech at a show in London, Ripley’s visited us to test our systems.

One of the exhibits at Ripley’s Believe It or Not is a section of the Berlin Wall – this was the attraction which Ripley’s wanted noonah to make more interactive.

the solution

noonah presented Spray Paint Wall to the operations team at Ripley’s. Completely digital, the tech allows people to use real aerosol cans with the paint removed and tech added to create digital graffiti on an interactive wall.

noonah and Ripley’s collaborated to build Spray Paint Wall into an area adjacent to the section of Berlin Wall – a disused behind the scenes workshop. Noonah created visuals and working drawings of the space and the noonah and Ripleys team worked together to install the system into the space.

By shaping the cut out in the wall to be jagged the installation gave the impression of graffiti’ing on a real section of the Berlin Wall.


In the Spray Paint Wall settings we allowed each tourist to have a thirty second stint on the wall before time was up and it was the next person’s turn. This kept the flow of traffic moving through the attraction whilst still allowing everyone to get creative and interactive.

Tourists loved the chance to be able to make their mark on the Berlin Wall. Soon afterwards Spray Paint Wall became the most popular element in the entire attraction!

noonah have gone on to install more Spray Paint Wall systems in other Ripley’s venues.

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